Lead Yourself Well to Lead Others Better

  • Do you ever feel frustrated with the complexity you face as a leader?
  • Do you wonder why it seems like no one understands your ideas or sees the possibilities that you see?
  • Do you sometimes feel inadequate because of the challenges of leadership?
  • Do you have difficulty balancing your creative passions with the responsibilities of managing and leading a team?

You’re not alone! We have had the opportunity to serve and lead in extraordinary ministries and yet we’ve wrestled all of these questions… and more. We believe that some of the best leadership development occurs in the context of a small group of peers who find themselves wrestling with the challenges of daily life as a high capacity leader. That’s why The 4Sight Group has created coaching groups for intensive leadership development.


Coaching Group 

Be equipped with the leadership tools

that will enable you to lead for the long-haul.

Hosted by Jenni Catron / Begins July 2017

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Coaching Group

for Creative Leaders

For Creative and Communications Leaders

Hosted by Jenni Catron and Stephen Brewster

Begins August 2017

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The Coaching Group is stretching in multiple areas.  I was so grateful for the focused time on my leadership and personal gifts. Being connected in a group of peers who are all leading and facing similar obstacles is both refreshing and empowering.

Linda Rankin, Executive Leadership Eastlake Church