Align Your Work to Changing Seasons

Your Summer Permission Slip 


School is out. We’re on the brink of summer.


It’s a Season of Change.

Seasons are an essential part of life’s rhythm, changing our pace, and creating disruption.

I used to think I didn’t like seasons. Spending most of my life in Wisconsin and Tennessee, I found the extremes of the seasons tiring. Whether it was the long subzero winters of the Northwoods or the triple-digit humid temperatures of Music City, the seasons were extreme and often exhausting. When I moved to Silicon Valley in Northern California, I expected it to be heavenly. Mild, Mediterranean-like temperatures year round. What could be better? Frankly, the seasons are better.


Seasons are Beautiful and Startling

The transition from one season to another stimulates change. It awakens our senses. Consider the fragrance of new growth in spring, the sun and humidity of summer, the crisp air and vibrant colors of fall, the stark and barren emptiness of winter. Each season, in its unique way, is beautiful and startling.

Summer is the season most of us eagerly welcome. It often involves a more relaxed pace, vacation, lots of sunshine, and extra time with friends. Summer is a season of rejuvenation. The new life of spring has given way to the flourishing growth of summer. Long days, relaxed nights, and if you’re lucky, a beautiful coastline, if even for a week, to enjoy the grandness of God’s creation.

In summer, I feel invincible. I feel appropriately large and small at the same time. I breathe deeper and exhale more fully. The world that I’m carrying on my shoulders doesn’t feel so unbearable. Seasons of change affects us and those we lead.


Embrace Seasons of Rest

For too many years, I saw summer as an opportunity to “try to catch up.” As a leader, I was always trying to stay on the cutting edge and kept leading my teams forward. I saw summer as an opportunity for me to gain some ground and prepare for the fall. I drove myself, and I drove others more aggressively than the season demanded. As a result, we were tired and frazzled instead of rested and rejuvenated.

Leaders, there are seasons for work. There are seasons of hustle and drive, and there are seasons of rest and replenishment. You need both, and your team needs both. You need to rest and play. I felt like it was a luxury I couldn’t afford. My resistance to embrace summer left me ineffective as a leader.

Let me encourage you that summer is an essential season. Ask yourself these questions.

  • What season are you in right now?
  • What do you need?
  • What does your team need?
  • What do you need to be doing in this season to prepare for the next?

Remember, set the pace. You must be aware of the current reality while anticipating a future need.


Your Summer Permission Slip

As schools take a reprieve and summer breaks way, step into it. Enjoy it. Don’t resist it. I hereby permit you to rest, to play, to laugh, to dream, to skip through sand, to soak in the sun, and to cherish memories with family and friends this season of summer.


Keep leading well.

Jenni Catron and The 4Sight Group


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Jenni Catron is a writer, speaker, and leadership coach who consults churches and non-profits to help them lead from their extraordinary best. She speaks at conferences and churches nationwide, seeking to help others develop their leadership gifts and lead confidently. As Founder and CEO of The 4Sight Group, she consults with individuals and teams on leadership and organizational health.

Jenni is the author of several books, including Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence and The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership.