Patience + Persistence Equals What?

A recurring the​me I’m hearing from the leaders and clients I work with is simply that they are tired....

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Common Language

3 Languages You Need to Know (and Teach Your Team)

There isn’t much as disorienting as being in a place where you don’t know the language. Trying to navigate,...

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Lateral Service in a Team

An Unexpected Benefit of Crisis

Global pandemic.Endless pivoting.Disorientation.Adapting. Uncertainty.Words and phrases that will forever mark this year.However, this season isn’t only producing challenge and...

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Staying Afloat vs. Getting Ahead

As summer begins to wind down and pool days become more and more scarce, I’m sure to treasure a...

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Team Meeting

Are You Meeting on Purpose? 3 Tips for Creating Great Team Meetings

I was recently talking with a new client in preparation for our first consulting visit. This was a routine...

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Create a Culture People Clamor to Join and Hate to Leave

Leaders are the keepers of culture. It begins, continues and ends with you. It requires deliberate effort to cultivate...

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Awareness is Growth

Blissfully Unaware

The poet Thomas Gray penned the line, “Ignorance is bliss.” As a nostalgic look back at the innocence and...

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It's Not You, It's Me...Or Is It? Article Image

It’s Not You, It’s Me…Or Is It?

Leadership involves more moments of disappointment than we’d prefer, doesn’t it?  Things don’t always go as we plan. Initiatives...

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3 Ways to Combat the Summer Lull

This article includes thoughts from Ashley Warren, one of the 4Sight Group’s Culture Consultants. When Ashley and I start...

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