The 6 “Be’s” of Communication

No one prepared younger me for the complexity of communication.  Done poorly, it complicates our relationships and our workplaces. ...

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Chasing Symptoms vs. Addressing Problems

Symptoms get our attention. Watery eyes and compulsive sneezing alert us to allergy season. An upset stomach and high...

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What Antibodies Taught Me about Team Culture

I was recently at the Executive Leadership Summit, a gathering of Executive Pastors from all over the country that...

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5 Ways to Unlock Your Unique Brand

In a previous job, I spent the majority of my time developing brand identities for artists. I worked hard...

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The Greatest Teacher is Found in a Challenge

Some years back, my husband and I took a vacation, and we rented a scooter as our mode of...

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Today’s Leadership Will Shape Tomorrow’s History

The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where...

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The Cure to Organizational Motion Sickness

Guest Post: Ashley Warren  I recently had a unique opportunity to go on tour with a friend of mine...

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How to Lead Yourself, So You Can Lead Others Better

Leaders like to lead.  But when we say we “like” to lead, we usually mean we like to lead others,...

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How to Know When You’re Leading From Your Soul

In today’s culture, so much of Christmas involves twinkling lights, stuffing the stockings, and preparing for family festivities. It...

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