Predictable Success Webinar with 5by5

How to Create Sustainable Growth

Seems like we’re all scrambling for clarity, doesn’t it? It can feel as if there aren’t a lot of...

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The 1 Thing Holding You Back From Where You Want to Be

A key perspective that every leader needs to embrace at key moments in your leadership is the familiar adage,...

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3 Reasons You Should be Prioritizing Your Team

Where should I focus? How do I determine my priorities? I’m fielding these questions from leaders daily… and frankly,...

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guiding principles

What’s Guiding You?

In his book Great By Choice, Jim Collins tells this story: Two teams of adventurers in 1911 set out...

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Walking in the Wilderness

Walking in the Wilderness

Yesterday morning, my Bible reading plan led me to Luke 4, to the story of Jesus in the wilderness...

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Facing LImits

3 Reasons Limits are NOT the Enemy

Can I make a confession? I hate limits. I pride myself in being someone who gets things done. Someone...

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FInding Clarity

6 Critical Questions for Clarity

If you’ve ever driven through a fog or opened your eyes underwater, you know just how disorienting it is...

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Patience + Persistence Equals What?

A recurring the​me I’m hearing from the leaders and clients I work with is simply that they are tired....

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Common Language

3 Languages You Need to Know (and Teach Your Team)

There isn’t much as disorienting as being in a place where you don’t know the language. Trying to navigate,...

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