2 Key Perspective Shifts to Lead with Structural Integrity

One of my favorite activities to do with my 5-year old nephew is building towers with his blocks. He...

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Jenni Catron and Les McKeown Interview

To Pivot or To Innovate?

How do we get clarity and confidence for leading through a climate we’ve never experienced before? You’ve never led...

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What's Good Image

Tell Me Something Good

I once heard Seth Godin say that it’s not that we don’t like change. It’s that we don’t like...

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Writing Team Values

Want Your Team To Actually Like Their Job? 4 Ways To Create A Better Company Culture Today

[This article was first published as a guest post on my friend Carey Nieuwhof’s blog.] What’s truly important to...

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Emerge Stronger

Your team has the potential to come out of the COVID-19 season stronger and more unified than ever before....

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My Prayer for Leaders

As we move into Easter weekend, rather than sharing leadership insights as we normally do each week, I wanted...

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home office

Values that Just Became Essential for EVERY Team

Values are the guiding principles that tether your team together. One of our favorite aspects of coaching and consulting...

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Nurturing Team Culture

Nurturing Your Team Culture in Turbulent Times

“How do I help my team adapt to this new work-from-home normal?” “How do I navigate the challenging financial...

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Confront Fear with Truth

How to Overcome Fear

If you’re like me, the words you’re seeing and hearing again and again in the news and on social...

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