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Values that Just Became Essential for EVERY Team

Values are the guiding principles that tether your team together. One of our favorite aspects of coaching and consulting...

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Nurturing Team Culture

Nurturing Your Team Culture in Turbulent Times

“How do I help my team adapt to this new work-from-home normal?” “How do I navigate the challenging financial...

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Confront Fear with Truth

How to Overcome Fear

If you’re like me, the words you’re seeing and hearing again and again in the news and on social...

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A Little “In Over Your Head”

Leaders lead best when they are a little in over their head.  When you are facing just a little...

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What to Remember When Leading through Crisis

On Tuesday, I awoke to reports of devastating tornadoes that had ravaged the Nashville area overnight. I lived in...

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The 6 “Be’s” of Communication

No one prepared younger me for the complexity of communication.  Done poorly, it complicates our relationships and our workplaces. ...

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Chasing Symptoms vs. Addressing Problems

Symptoms get our attention. Watery eyes and compulsive sneezing alert us to allergy season. An upset stomach and high...

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What Antibodies Taught Me about Team Culture

I was recently at the Executive Leadership Summit, a gathering of Executive Pastors from all over the country that...

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5 Ways to Unlock Your Unique Brand

In a previous job, I spent the majority of my time developing brand identities for artists. I worked hard...

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