Guiding You Out of the Chaos

Let’s get to the root of the issues and unlock your team’s potential!

We begin by getting to know you and your team. We’ll do a deep dive into your organization seeking to gain perspective on who you are, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. We’ll observe culture, team dynamics, how you think, and how you work.

During our time together, we walk you through multiple phases of discovery – clarifying your mission and vision, assessing your staff values and behaviors, and analyzing your systems and structures.

We offer a variety of options from 2-day strategy sessions to 12-month consulting commitments.


Purpose is why you do what you do and it’s the anchor when busyness and complexity begin to create overwhelm. Clarity of purpose is essential to protecting the momentum of your organization towards achieving your mission.

If your mission and vision is confused, we’ll help you clarify your organization’s unique identity and reconnect you with the purpose that guides all you do.


Culture is the crux of your organization, the heartbeat of your team. If you don’t have a strong, healthy team that trusts and supports one another any plan you build will be destined to fail.

If your culture needs attention, we’ll help you develop a plan to get your team culture healthy and vibrant again.


Strategy is CORE to your progress. Yet oftentimes, we fall into a routine and realize that while we’re crazy busy, we can no longer define the end goal.

Using the Paterson StratOp Process, we’ll take your team through an extensive exercise to build a strategic plan that is deeply embedded in your organization and becomes an overflow of your daily work. Strategy shouldn’t be an addendum: It should define everything you do.

Does Your Organization Need Help?

Much like people, organizations and teams have life cycles. We have seasons of growth and we have seasons of decline. I call these our “critical moments”.

Critical moments are a natural part of organizational life, but how you steward these moments can make or break the future of your organization. Critical moments occur when you experience…

  • Exponential growth
  • Significant staff turn over
  • Departure of a key staff member
  • Crisis within your staff, organization or community
  • Multi-site campus expansion
  • New building project

We help you turn these critical moments into extraordinary outcomes!

Every Leader

In this 3-part video series, I explain the ideal path to becoming a thriving leader.​

As a growing start-up, it's easy to trust your gut and get caught up in growth without putting enough time into strategic planning. And as consultants ourselves, it would be easy to assume we could do it ourselves. Yet we've always valued the process of outside input and knew that having 4Sight take us through the StratOp process would be helpful. What we couldn't anticipate was that the process would be transformational for our strategy, our leadership team and our future. The clarity achieved in this process will take us to a level of significant growth that would not have been possible without it. We are already implementing the clear path forward knowing that we are on the same page for a shared vision that is aggressive but achievable.
Shannon Litton, President | CEO
5by5 – A Change Agency
Our church experienced nonstop growth and momentum for the first six years. Then everything changed. Over the next two years we not only plateaued, we lost roughly 20% of our church. That’s when we reached out for help! Jenni Catron helped us refocus, reprioritize, and create structure to build and sustain growth. Today, less than six months after our coaching season with Jenni ended, we are once again experiencing significant growth and momentum!
Dave Nelson, Lead Pastor
Great Lakes Church
One of the great joys in ministry has been the chance to get to know and work with Jenni Catron. She has a tremendous desire to help churches create cultures in which leaders can develop and flourish. For any church serious about achieving its mission, a partnership with Jenni would be a great asset.
John Ortberg
Senior Pastor, Menlo Church
Over the past 8 years we have worked hard at growing our small church. Over that time, we attended many conferences and talked with many consultants. Jenni clearly has shown herself to be head and shoulders above the pack.
  1. She is clear about the head winds all churches face. Frankly I have tired hearing overly- chipper consultants leading overly hyped conferences who seem unaware of how challenging it is to grow a church in the North East. Jenni’s directness in that regard has been an incredible, refreshing gift.
  2. She moved us to a handful of key deliverables. Her approach was well honed to move us towards very basic programs – simple and consistent things we can implement that over time will help us grow.
  3. She gave us clarity around the in-house challenges we face. As a one-pastor church with support staff, there is little time for self-reflection and team building. Jenni helped us to learn to fight for the time we need to effect the necessary changes, many of which related directly to our team.
If your congregation feels called to a roll-up-your-sleeves style of workmanship combined with a refreshing honesty and directness, Jenni is the one.
Rev. Chuck Blair
New Church LIVE

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