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Episode 27: On Strategy–How Purpose is Foundational in Everything You Do

As leaders, we all want to see those we lead come together to accomplish a BIG mission. But we can, at times, get bogged down and become overwhelmed with the HOW. That’s where adopting an effective strategy comes into play. Before we can enact that strategy, though, we must root it in a stable foundation: purpose. The question we all face is this: How do we lay a purposeful, strategic foundation?

A certified strategist and a passionate student of applying strategic plans in varying contexts, Jenni teaches us how to build a strategy that stays aligned with our vision by discovering the foundational purpose that serves as the firm footing for everything we do.

Highlights from Jenni’s teaching:

Patience with strategy is just as critical as casting the vision.

To successfully accomplish your strategy, you need to lean into the importance of purpose.

Purpose is the first building block of the foundation that supports your strategy.

Your WHY must be consistent, clear and understood by your team.

3 Steps to Laying the Foundation for Effective Strategy

  1. Be Patient.
    • The Cologne Cathedral was commissioned in 1248, but construction was not completed until 1880.
    • Strategically executing a big vision takes time.
  2. Clarify your Purpose.
    • Ask yourself and your team: What are our mission, vision, values?
    • Mission–who you are and why you do the work you do. Mission transcends time. It defines your core WHY.
    • Vision–description of where you want to go and the impact you want to make. Vision is more specific that mission and is time-sensitive and quantifiable.
    • Values–set of guiding principles that clarify the habits and behaviors that are critical to accomplishing the mission and vision *See examples of the 4Sight Values below
  3. Gain Perspective.
    • Leaders define reality. Ask: Where are we now?
    • Set an environment of safety that will allow honest conversation about what is truly going on. If people don’t feel that they can be honest, the findings of these explorations will not be helpful.
    • Pursue self-awareness, both as individuals and organizationally.
    • Tools for taking a closer look at what’s true of your current situation:
      • SWOT Analysis (Examine Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
      • 4 Helpful Lists (Examine what’s Right, Wrong, Missing, Confused)

4Sight Team Values

People First
Humble Confidence
Wise Stewardship

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