God is Bigger


God is Bigger

By: Taylor Snodgrass


I’ve sat in a lot of church services. Actually, in the last year, I would say it’s over 150. I guess that comes with the territory when you work at a church.

Many times, the speaker has said something that can be boiled down to, “God is bigger than your mistakes. No matter what you’ve done and how badly you’ve messed up, God is bigger and can still use you.”

But to me, those were just words.

When I hear “God is bigger than your mistakes,” I picture people who have done things. People who “need Jesus.” People who have had addictions, slept around, maybe even been to jail. That’s not for me. I’m by no means perfect, but I’ve asked for forgiveness for my mistakes and Jesus has forgiven me.

That was my attitude until recently. I was listening to a sermon and the speaker flipped the script when he said something along the lines of “How little do you think of God that you think He can’t use you because of a decision you make?”

God is bigger than my mistakes. God is bigger than my decisions.

As a leader, that is one of the most liberating facts to accept. We spend hours awake at night stressing about decisions. Go back and forth more times than we can count. Make endless pros and cons lists. And at the end of it all, we’re often times still unsure if what we’re doing is the “right call.” But we make the call, and our stress doesn’t go down. We begin the game of what could have been. What if we were wrong? What if we should have hired the other candidate? What if we shouldn’t have cancelled that event?

But God is bigger than all of that. The decision you make as a leader not only can be, but will be used for God’s plan.

We’re humans doing the very best we can. We won’t get it right every time no matter how many opinions we get or how many hours we spend debating. We’re going to make mistakes. And sometimes, there will be consequences. Maybe we’ll lose some momentum, clients, attendees, money, whatever it is. But God’s not written you off because you made a mistake. God has a plan for you, your life and your organization. If you trust in that truth, you’ll feel the freedom to make decisions confidently knowing that God’s plan will still come to be.

Because God is bigger than your mistakes. No matter what business mistakes you’ve made and how badly you think you’ve messed up your organization, God can still use your leadership and your organization.

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