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How to Avoid Overwhelm When Things are Overwhelming: An Interview with Alan Briggs

In a season that is more draining, more overwhelming, and more demanding than many leaders have encountered, there is the occasional glimmer of hope in the form of good news. And some good news is this: burnout is NOT inevitable. You can take steps to ensure that you’re leading yourself well and moving toward health as a leader even in the midst of challenging times. But what are they? How do we stay proactive about our own health so we can continue to lead those we’re entrusted to lead? Coach and consultant Alan Briggs shares practical encouragement to that end with Jenni Catron in this episode of The Jenni Catron Leadership Podcast.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • why you need both spiritual and practical rhythms
  • what to do when you’re “leading on tired”
  • which comes first: the work or the workmanship
  • the difference between tired, exhausted, burnout
  • what rhythms we need and when
  • whether you’re a blank canvas or an ice sculpture
  • the difference between loneliness and isolation
  • how to seek clarity instead of certainty
  • how to move from reactive to proactive

About Alan:
Alan Briggs is crazy about helping hungry leaders GET HEALTHY and REACH MORE IMPACT. He and the team at Stay Forth Designs do this through coaching leaders, consulting with teams, hosting leadership experiences and creating practical content. He co-hosts Right Side up Leadership Podcast where he hosts conversations about healthy leadership. He has been a pastor, church planting catalyst and entrepreneur. He is dad to four amazing kids and one amazing wife. His books Staying is the New Going, Guardrails, Everyone’s a Genius and The Right-Side up Leader help followers of Jesus take their next right steps. He has a thing for socks and tacos.

Connect with Alan:

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