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How to Build a Culture of Excellence: An Interview with Horst Schulze

Which words would you use to describe the culture of your team? Fast-paced, toxic, friendly, suspicious, focused? Does the word excellent make your list? Whether pursuit of excellence is a stated priority for you, there are few leaders who don’t want to see their team improve. Not to simply become incrementally better, but to truly excel at accomplishing your mission. This episode with Horst Schulze is rich with practicality and contagious inspiration that will fuel you to build a culture of excellence within your team.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • the definition of excellence
  • who is responsible for excellence
  • why you shouldn’t hire people
  • the difference between leadership and management
  • the 3 kinds of customers

About Horst Schulze:

As founding President and COO of Ritz-Carlton and founder of Capella Hotels and Resorts, Horst established a new standard of excellence in his industry. He revolutionized the hotel industry, creating one of the most recognizable international brands, forever altering the very nature of customer service. Horst is also the author of his seminal book Excellence Wins.

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