Leading in Chaotic Times

How to Lead In Chaotic Times

I was honored to share some thoughts about leading in chaotic times over at my friend (and one of my favorite leadership voices) Carey Nieuwhof’s site and I wanted to share them with our 4Sight community as well.

This season is requiring something different from you as a leader.

There is little about life that is easy to navigate right now. You face tough decisions every single day. And as a leader, you’re not only facing your own decisions, but you’re also navigating the decision making for your entire team and organization.

One of the perspectives that we must embrace in order to lead well in any season, especially in our current reality is this: Tension is where leaders live.

  • We live between what is and what could be.
  • We straddle the known and the unknown.
  • We wrestle the probable with the possible.
  • We balance the status quo with innovation.
  • We have to understand where we are and yet convince our teams to keep going.

There are numerous tensions great leaders navigate each and every day. And living with these tensions is a tension in and of itself. This constant pull stretches you to either expand and grow or snap under the stress.

If all of life were clear shades of black or white—if there were no difficult decisions to be made—there would be no need for leaders. That’s the game-changing reality for us.
The great tension and the great responsibility of leadership means navigating the complexity our circumstances present. That’s what we do. It’s who we are.

Your willingness to engage the tension is what defines you as a leader.

Leading through these tensions is at the heart of what extraordinary leaders do. The very purpose of leadership is to effectively navigate the tensions our organizations, our teams, and we as individuals are facing.

Leaders emerge most prominently when things are confusing and chaotic.

Great leaders lead the way, and I think you’d agree: we need great leaders right now.

With all of the chaos that our world is facing, you need to become a master of navigating it.

So what can you do?

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Keep leading well!
Jenni Catron and The 4Sight Group

Jenni Catron is a writer, speaker, and leadership coach who consults churches and non-profits to help them lead from their extraordinary best. She speaks at conferences and churches nationwide, seeking to help others develop their leadership gifts and lead confidently. As Founder and CEO of The 4Sight Group, she consults with individuals and teams on leadership and organizational health.

Jenni is the author of several books, including Clout: Discover and Unleash Your God-Given Influence and The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership.

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