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How to Lead in the Face of Fear

In her book Feel the Fear…and Do It Anyway, Susan Jeffers shares 3 categories of fear: Level 1 includes fear of what happens to us or requires action from us, Level 2 involves fears that are inner states of mind like rejection or vulnerability, and Level 3 contains fear that we can’t handle what comes our way or that  we are not enough. If we’re honest, the current state in which we’re leading has us experiencing all 3 of those categories of fear. Between the ramifications of the pandemic, racial injustice and political divisiveness, the uncertainty can feel like too much. So HOW do we keep from giving into the fears we face as we seek to lead well? Jenni Catron explores answers to this important question in today’s episode.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • what you sacrifice when you lead from a place of fear
  • how fear impacts your influence
  • what scripture says about being afraid
  • how to confront fear with truth
  • how to exchange fear for faith

For more on this and other ways to unleash your God-given influence, read Jenni’s book Clout.

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