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Is Your Vision Strong Enough?

The beginning of the year is typically teeming with hope and anticipation of the dreams and goals we hope to see become reality over the next 365 days. After a year like the one we’ve just come through, though, hope for what’s to come is fraught with the uncertainty and unpredictability of what’s just happened. And so we must return to the vision God’s called us to. And, as leaders, we must not only do so for ourselves, but we have the critical opportunity to cast vision to those we lead. In this week’s episode, Jenni Catron shares why your team needs you to cast strong vision now more than ever and guides you in how to do it.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • what makes a vision strong
  • what strong vision looks like when it’s lived out
  • 5 things leaders with strong vision need
  • what strong vision does for your team
  • how YOU can be a visionary leader

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