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JCLP Ep. 28 On Strategy–Featuring Tim Lucas

Knowing those you lead, those you’re trying to reach and the cultural currents that affect them is crucial to successful leadership. Continuing our series on strategy, this episode features an conversation between our host Jenni Catron and Time Lucas. Tim Lucas is the founder & Lead Pastor of Liquid Church in New Jersey. A dynamic communicator, Tim is known for his heart, humor, & creativity. He recently released a book called Liquid Church: Powerful Currents to Saturate Your City For Christ. He shares how an “accidental” strategy led to the church’s explosive growth, and the currents he explores are truly strategies we can employ in ANY arena in which we lead.

Highlights from Jenni’s Conversation with Tim

  • Be closed-handed about your message, but be wildly open-handed about your methods of communication.
  • Ask yourself: Where do we have momentum, needs and opportunities? Be both INTENTIONAL and FLEXIBLE.
  • Imitation is such a temptation for many leaders. Don’t abandon your strategy or sell yourself short–you have latent creativity and a unique story being written in this time and place
  • Maintain your commitment to risk-taking
  • Ask yourself: What is your unique fingerprint? This is not in conflict with applying best practices and learning from others; rather it allows the best of your identity to be expressed.
  • Be willing to have the discipline to say NO to some good ideas to stay focused on your strategy
  • Your self awareness as a leader will allow you to “uncork the bottleneck” which is often yourself.
    • Pay attention to the churn you’re creating (such as turnover in staff due to lack of process).
    • Be willing to allow your span of care to grow smaller to make space for other leaders to emerge.
    • See your staff as people to be developed.
    • Leaders often make snap-judgements. Take the time to teach people the values that help you make these decisions. What are the considerations that go into a snap-judgement?
    • When you create organizational systems and processes, it’s a different way of caring for those you serve.

Connect with Tim Lucas:

  • Liquid Church Book:
  • Twitter: @pastortimlucas
  • Instagram: @pastortimlucas
  • Liquid Church website: