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JCLP Ep. 30 The Key to Leading Yourself

We all want to lead our teams well, to make a difference and to be successful in our endeavors. BUT, we’ve all found ourselves in moments where we feel stuck or in situations where we look back on our day, bewildered and frustrated, wondering why things just didn’t go well.

Many times, our feelings of being stuck or frustrated come back to a simple, though difficult-to-admit, truth: we’re just not leading ourselves well. That’s the bad news. The good news is, it’s never to late to learn to lead yourself better! In this episode, the first in a series all about Self-Leadership, Jenni Catron teaches us about a key facet of leading ourselves well: self-awareness.

Highlights from Jenni’s teaching:

3 Reasons Self-Awareness is Essential

  1. It is the strongest predictor of success.
  2. It equips you to know where to focus.
  3. It actually makes you less self-focused.

3 Important Steps of Self-Awareness

  1. Awareness of Myself

Self-Awareness starts with self-observation. How well do I know myself? Do I know what I think, feel, and believe? Do I act in a way that is an accurate reflection of how people experience me?

2. Awareness of Others

Self-Awareness increases with the observation of others. Do I know the people around me and do I understand how they will respond to interactions and conversations?

3. Awareness of How Others Experience Themselves Around Me

This final stage involves paying attention to how others feel about themselves when they’re around me. Ask yourself, “Have I ever noticed how I make people feel about themselves around me?” 

Do you make people feel insecure or confident about their decisions? 

Do you make them feel empowered or apathetic about their choices? 

Do I make them feel creative or stifled with their projects? 

Application point: Prioritize time in your life to consider what do you think, feel, and believe. When’s the last time you asked yourself those questions? How do others experience you? What would you like to change?

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