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JCLP Ep. 31 4 Ways to Lead Yourself

We all want to achieve success. And there are markers and indicators that will help us to do just that. One of the chief of those is whether or not we will take the responsibility of leading ourselves well in order to plant ourselves on the path toward success. In this episode, Jenni Catron, 4Sight’s Founder and CEO, disusses the ways in which we can invest in our own leadership, that will, in turn, benefit all those we are privileged to lead.

Jenni’s book The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership

“There is a person with whom you spend more time than any other, a person who has more influence over you, and more ability to interfere with or to support your growth than anyone else.  This ever-present companion is your own self.”  -Dr. Pamela Butler, Clinical Psychologist

Self-awareness is the foundation of leading ourselves well.

3 Core Elements of Self-awareness

  1. Awareness of myself
  2. Awareness of others
  3. Awareness of how others experience themselves around me

The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership

  1. Heart
  2. Soul
  3. Mind
  4. Strength 

These dimensions comprise our whole self.

Leading from Your Heart

1)    Lead with an understanding of who you are. 

Things to consider:

•    Do you see tasks or people first?

•    Are you an introvert or extrovert? What gives you energy? Knowing this will help you 

better manage your energy when you are with others.

•    Are you independent or interdependent?

2)    Learn how your experiences have shaped you. 

3)    The best of our leadership will emerge from emotional intelligence. This means

 understanding your emotions, desires, and how you influence others.

Leading from Your Soul

The soul is the part of us that longs to know God.  It’s the epicenter of morality, integrity, humility, and servanthood.

Leading from soul = what you value. A key part of self-awareness is understanding what you value – what’s truly important to you. 

Understanding your values is the key to learning what drives you. 

  • What are your values and what is their source? What are your core motivations and convictions? What is your driving ‘why’?
  • Take time to reflect, and recognize any patterns present in your behavior… how you manage your time, your priorities or decisions.  What does your calendar tell you that you value?
  • Consider your values in every sector of life: relationally, physically, spiritually and professionally. What principles do you stand on in each of these areas of life?
  • Your actions, decisions, conversations and behaviors are all driven by what you value.
  • Why do you handle conflict the way you do? 
  • What is the root behind how you make decisions? 
  • Why do certain conversations excite you and others drain you? 
  • Consider your character and integrity – what is true and what do you want to be true? What needs to change so that your reality and aspirations are congruent? What morals do you live by and how does that impact your influence. How do you want people to see you? What do you want to be known for? What do you want your leadership legacy to be? 

Leading from Your Mind

Your mind is the seat of intellectual activity.

In order to lead from your mind, embrace a growth mindset. 

Ways to cultivate a growth mindset:

o    Read books + articles + resources + listen to podcasts. 

o    Seek out new ideas. Inspiration can come from anywhere, so remain open to new ideas.

o    Find environments that will force you to blossom and learn new things about yourself. 

Leading from Your Strength
Strength = vision. Vision provides hopes and gives us strength to keep going. 

Ways to Determine Your Strength

1)    Develop discipline.

2)    Having a vision for your life that integrates all of your life – personal, professional, and family. 

3)    Know your boundaries. 

4)    Stay focused on the things that only you can do. 

“ Be who God meant you to be and you will set the world on fire.”  – Catherine of Siena

Application point: Schedule time to reflect on who you are and what is unique about your personality, consider your values and how they influence your decisions, assess where you need to grow and then map out a vision for your leadership future. 

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