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JCLP EP. 34 Change Your Mind–An Interview with Holly Moore

There are certain critical moments that we, as leaders, have a chance to change our minds–to think differently in order to lead better. And when we do, the outcomes for those we lead are extraordinary. In this episode, our Founder and CEO Jenni Catron interviews her friend Holly Moore. With years of varied experience, Holly’s insights from her leadership journey are extremely helpful and inspiring…and we get the added bonus of listening in while she does some live coaching with Jenni!

About Holly:

Holly Moore is an accomplished senior executive with more than twenty years of diverse leadership experience in a publicly traded for-profit company as well as both large and start-up non-profit organizations. 

She is the President of Hollis Strategies ( where she collaborates with individuals and organizations to develop strategic plans that increase their influence and grow their organizations.  Holly is also a sought-after speaker and leadership coach who uses her expertise as a Certified Myers Briggs Type Indicator Practitioner and a Certified 5 Voices Coach to discuss personality-based communication patterns and how they apply to relationships and team performance. Holly has spoken to audiences throughout the United States as well in Egypt, Brazil, Zambia, Mexico, Costa Rica and Singapore.

Holly has over 14 years of executive experience with non-profit organizations including serving as the Vice President of Advancement for Mercy Ships.  During her tenure with that global non-profit, she spearheaded development and marketing efforts in the United States to launch the world’s largest privately funded hospital ship providing free medical care in some of the poorest nations on earth.

Holly’s passion is to help leaders maximize their influence and impact to exponentially grow their organizations. 

Some Highlights from Jenni and Holly’s conversation:

The more I know myself, the better I can lead myself. And then I can lead other people.

Consistently pray this prayer: God, give me wisdom, discernment and favor so that I can wisely assess people in situations, I can have discernment about where people’s skills and strengths are, and I can have favor to know how to successfully help them navigate different career transitions themselves.

The 5 Voices System

If you create a culture in which every voice around the table feels deeply heard, deeply valued and respected you’re going to make wiser decisions optimize team performance and execute at a much higher level.

Have we built the foundation block of being able to communicate well with others, have trusting relationships, people feel that they can share and be heard and that’s the bedrock for executing every piece of strategic planning you could ever want to do?

Connect with Holly:

Hollis Strategies

Free Resource:

If you’d like to take a step toward developing the type of self-awareness we talked about today, we have a great FREE resource that I’d love to get into your hands. Click here for the 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership Assessment.

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