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JCLP EP. 38–Create the Culture You Want

As a leader, you likely have a vision for the kind of culture you want to create on your team. That visionary gift is part of what has gotten you where you are. The challenges can arise when you begin the work to implement what’s in your imagination. There are some key steps to designing the culture that you want, and that’s the focus of today’s podcast. In this episode, Jenni Catron explores some really practical exercises you can do that will help you find clarity about your mission, vision, values, and convictions–to gain organizational self-awareness about your purpose. Take a listen and then start taking inventory. You’ll find the effort well worth it.

Some highlights and key points from Jenni’s teaching:

  • One of the most challenging parts of creating great organizational culture is having organizational self-awareness.  Most of us believe our culture is better than it actually is.
  • Much like self-awareness is the key to success for leaders, organizational self-awareness is key for organizations to succeed. 
  • What is organizational self-awareness? It’s knowing who you are. Knowing your purpose. Knowing your strengths and weaknesses.  Knowing what you do best and how you best do it. 
  • Galatians 6:4 (MSG) “Make a careful exploration of who you are and the work you’ve been given.”
  • Link to Episode 25–”Building an Extraordinary Team Culture”
  • Clarity of purpose is essential before you can build a healthy culture. Healthy culture has to be an overflow of who you are, but if you don’t know who you are, you can’t build a healthy culture because you don’t know what you’re building on.
  • What’s key to culture is that culture is what you DO much more than what you SAY
  • Equation for Culture: Values x Behavior = Culture
  • Powerful by Patty McCord


Registration is open now for our online Culture Group – this is a 6-week live online course that walks you through the specifics of building an extraordinary team culture. If this is the year you’re committed to building a great culture, this is the group for you. Click HERE for details!

We also have a free Culture Workbook that will walk you through the steps of defining your culture. THIS is a great resource to walk through with your team to kick start the conversation. Keep leading well!

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