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JCLP EP. 39–3 Mindsets You Must Embrace to Make Culture Work

As leaders, there are times we have to think differently to lead better. There are some mindsets that we simply MUST embrace if we want the culture we’re leading toward to actually permeate the organization. And these mindsets involve getting honest with ourselves about whether or not we’ve given in to a common fallacy:  the idea that culture should be gleaned through osmosis – an effortless, unconscious assimilation.

Some highlights and key points from Jenni’s teaching:

  1. Shaping the culture for your team is arguably the most important work you’ll do. You can’t accomplish your mission without a team that is aligned and working effectively together. 
  2. Culture is not an episodic event of writing value statements, displaying them and hoping they catch on. Culture is living and breathing and needs your attention every day.
  3. Both the organization and a new employee have a responsibility in helping the new employee succeed in the culture.

She also explores the Employee Life Cycle that William Vanderbloemen defines in his book Culture Wins. There are some incredible applications to make concerning culture at each stage in the Employee Life Cycle–places like hiring, daily and monthly rhythms, review processes.

Jenni provides a series of guiding questions to ask yourself as you consider truly embedding team culture that will align your team and lead to organizational success.

As you seek to embed culture in your organization, be sure to check out these two resources:

Registration is open now for our online Culture Group – this is a 6-week live online course that walks you through the specifics of building an extraordinary team culture. If this is the year you’re committed to building a great culture, this is the group for you. Click HERE for details!

We also have a free Culture Workbook that will walk you through the steps of defining your culture. THIS is a great resource to walk through with your team to kick start the conversation. Keep leading well!

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