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JCLP EP. 40–Ways to Infuse Culture: An Interview with Ashley Warren

Building an extraordinary team culture is NOT a one-and-done task. It requires consistent, intentional care. In an imminently practical conversation about how to infuse great team culture throughout seasons of an organization’s life, Jenni interviews long-time friend and colleague Ashley Warren. Ashley is a former educator and ministry leader who now serves as a Culture Consultant with the 4 Sight Group. She’s passionate about helping leaders build healthy teams.

Jenni and Ashley discuss:

  • key seasons during which to pay close attention to team culture
  • ways to implement intentional culture at various stages of the employee life cycle
  • distinguishing between organizational values and team values
  • the role of the senior leader in building team culture

As you seek to infuse culture in your organization, be sure to check out these two resources:

Registration is open now for our online Culture Group – this is a 6-week live online course that walks you through the specifics of building an extraordinary team culture. If this is the year you’re committed to building a great culture, this is the group for you. Click HERE for details!

We also have a free Culture Workbook that will walk you through the steps of defining your culture. THIS is a great resource to walk through with your team to kick start the conversation. Keep leading well!

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