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JCLP EP. 41–How to Create a Culture Guide: An Interview with Jennifer Martin

It really is too bad that those we lead aren’t mind readers, isn’t it? If they were, then they would just KNOW what to do and when. They’d know the nuances of how to pursue goals in ways that truly reflect not just WHAT they should do but HOW they should do it. But alas, our team members can’t read our minds. This is why it’s so crucial that we’re intentional to take what comes intuitively to us, the things that are core to the culture we’re trying to create and the vision we’re trying to achieve, and to communicate it to those we lead. Bonus points if it’s communicated in an easily understood and easily reproducible way.

In this episode, Jenni Catron interviews Jennifer Martin, Executive Pastor of Ministries at NorthRock Church in San Antonio, Texas, about how to do just that. Jennifer shares about the intentional steps she’s taking to infuse culture throughout her team and how she’s seeking to institutionalize it by creating a Culture Guide.

Connect with Jennifer Martin:
NorthRock Church

As you seek to infuse culture in your organization, be sure to check out these two resources:

Registration for our online Culture Group closes SOON – this is a 6-week live online course that walks you through the specifics of building an extraordinary team culture. If this is the year you’re committed to building a great culture, this is the group for you. Click HERE for details!

We also have a free Culture Workbook that will walk you through the steps of defining your culture. THIS is a great resource to walk through with your team to kick start the conversation. Keep leading well!

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