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JCLP EP. 42–Leading with a Long View: An Interview with Lifepoint College Students

There’s nothing like the passion of a younger generation to rekindle our desire to lead well for the long haul. And there’s nothing like the perspective of someone in a different season of life to help us see things in new ways. In this episode, Jenni sits down with some bright, young leaders to discuss what they’re seeing in leadership trends and to hear their perspectives on inter-generational communication. These students are a part of Lifepoint College, a two-year degree program of Lifepoint Church in Fredericksburg, VA. Lifepoint College’s mission is “developing well-equipped leaders, prepared for the challenges of everyday life, possessing a high sense of service to others, and committed to the pursuit of excellence.” Listen in as they share unique and refreshing thoughts about leadership and developing others.

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