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JCLP EP. 52–How to Keep Your Team Connected

Your team is either your greatest asset or greatest liability in crisis. Teams either become more unified or more divided when put under pressure. The good news is that, though there are many aspects of life we can’t control right now, this is within your control. Your #1 job right now is to create connection for your team. The question is how? How do we build unity among our team members, especially in light of remote work, virtual meetings and social distancing? In this episode, 4Sight Founder and CEO Jenni Catron shares strategies to keep your team connected. 

Listen in to learn: 

  • How to overcome the challenges of working virtually
  • How much time you should spend with your team
  • Why your old structures and rhythms still matter
  • Which team values should take priority right now
  • How to nurture your team members as whole people

Additional Resources:

Be sure to check out these FREE resources from the 4Sight Group that will aid you in keeping your team connected:

7 Ways to Nurture Your Team Culture in Turbulent Times Video and PDF Guide

Culture Workbook:  3 Keys for Developing a Thriving Team

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