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JCLP EP. 53–Called Out: An Interview with Paula Faris

As leaders, we are compelled by the vision we have to affect change. It’s weighty and valuable work. And with it comes the tendency and temptation to confuse our personal identity and purpose with the purposeful work we’re doing. Jenni Catron’s conversation with Paula Faris, senior national correspondent at ABC News and emmy-award winning journalist, provides helpful guidance and thought-provoking wisdom, along with stories of Paula’s personal journey to truly understanding and stepping into her calling.

In this episode you’ll find out:

  • How to avoid conflating our calling with our career
  • How to step into courage
  • The difference between your faith calling and your vocational calling
  • Where your identity is rooted
  • The 3 questions to ask when examining your calling

About Paula:
Paula Faris is a senior national correspondent at ABC News and host of the popular podcast Journeys of Faith with Paula Faris, which gives an intimate look at how some of the world’s most influential people lean on faith and spirituality in the best and worst of times. An Emmy Award-winning journalist, Paula previously was co-anchor of the Good Morning America weekend edition, as well as a co-host of The View. She attends Hillsong Church and lives in NYC.

Connect with Paula:
Instagram @paulafaris
Book Called Out: Why I Traded Two Dream Jobs for a Life of True Calling
Podcast Journeys of Faith Podcast

Additional Resource:

Be sure to check out “7 Steps to Determining Your Passion.” This FREE workbook from the 4Sight Group that will help you uncover your calling.

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