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JCLP Featuring Jeanne Stevens

As iron sharpens iron… a friend who makes you better… that is who Jeanne Stevens is to me.  She’s strong, she’s tender, she’s fierce, she’s gentle.  We didn’t have nearly enough time to tap the depths of this women’s wisdom!

Jeanne Stevens is one of the lead pastors of Soul City Church in the dynamic West Loop neighborhood of Chicago, IL. Prior to starting Soul City Church in 2010, Jeanne served on the staff of Willow Creek Community Church for 11 years as a Student Ministry Pastor and on the staff of North Point Community Church for 4 years.

Highlights from our conversation:

  • She describes their adventurous leap of launching Soul City Church as a “holy adventure and transformational work”
  • Believes that if the Mission of the church is not working on her, then it is not working
  • “When we go back and rehash the past, or rehearse the future, we cannot receive the perspective God has for us in the present moment. In the receiving of the present moment, that is where God gives me the greatest perspective.”
  • “The hardest person we will ever lead is ourselves -We can’t lead ourself well if we can’t see ourself well.”
  • “A good leader leads in rhythm vs just balance – balance doesn’t exist.”
  • Question to ask those you lead: What’s it like to be on the other side of me?
  • Leadership lesson she wished she learned sooner: Lead with Less control


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