Leadership Lessons I’m Thankful for….#3

As I’ve pondered the leadership lessons I’m thankful for, I think of the times where I was the most uncomfortable in my leadership. The times when others gave me difficult feedback or the seasons where I lacked skills I needed for the role. These were the moments that shaped me the most because they forced change. It’s funny how some of the toughest moments of our lives become the ones we are most thankful for. “People don’t like change” is a phrase we often hear, but when I really step back and think about it, I am not sure I necessarily agree. My experience is that we like change that we can control, but we don’t like change that is forced upon us.

So when someone gives us tough feedback that requires change, we resist.
When circumstances force change, we resist. 
When decisions are made that we don’t agree with, we resist.

I once heard Seth Godin say that we don’t like change because it pushes us to a place of incompetence. We don’t want to feel incompetent so we resist change. To feel incompetent triggers fear, insecurity, doubt, and uncertainty – all the emotions we want to avoid.
And yet, change is where growth takes place. We don’t grow without change!

We don’t grow without change.

So today, it’s not necessarily a specific lesson I’m thankful for, but rather I’m thankful for those uncomfortable moments in my leadership that have forced change and therefore produced growth.

So the question today for all of us is, “Where are you resisting change?” And more specifically, “What might be on the other side of that change, that might be exactly what you are looking for?


Jenni Catron is the Founder and CEO of The 4Sight Group.  Her passion is to equip and inspire leaders to lead from their extraordinary best!