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By: Taylor Snodgrass


Every generation gets a label. The silent generation. Baby boomers. Gen x. And of course the hot topic of the day… millennials.

When the powers that be dubbed us “millennials,” they had no idea what would come to be associated with that title. Innocently calling out that we would live through the famed “Y2K,” we got our title, but then came along so much more.

Search millennials and article after article will tell you about how we’re naïve, disinterested, entitled, and self-centered. The list goes on and on. But as you can tell, it’s not a warm and fuzzy feeling you get when reading about our generation. Baby boomers and gen x are set on the pedestal of when “America was great,” and we millennials are ruining the world. Quizzes like “How much of a millennial are you?” make you wish for a low score.

It’s time for that that wish to change, though. It’s time for us to proudly score high on those quizzes and step into what makes us unique. Not what makes us all of those negative words I rattled off, but what makes us a generation that can change the world.

“But millennials are too naïve to change the world,” baby boomers say.

That’s exactly why we can change the world. Our entire lives we’ve been told how great we are. (All of that has come from the generations ahead of us that now talk about how we’re the worst, by the way. But hey, that’s none of my business.) We’re convinced we’re awesome. We believe that we can be anything we want to be. We consequently think we can do anything. Which means we think we can actually affect change. We aren’t worried about the world convincing us we can’t. We’re the greatest thing since sliced bread, dangit, and we’re going to change the world because of it.

“Millennials are disinterested in their work and don’t have any passion for anything. They just sit around and expect to get a raise for showing up,” gen x preaches.

You’re right. We are disinterested in your work. We’re not interested in being a lemming who pushes papers for you, runs the rat race and comes in from 9 to 5 to check to-dos off your list. Give us a purpose, though, and it’s off to the races. We want a purpose. We aren’t here to make money, go home, and do it all again next week. We’re ready to affect change.

According to an article by Chairman and CEO of Gallup Jim Clifton, “ For millennials, work must have meaning…Back in the old days, baby boomers like me didn’t necessarily need meaning in our jobs. We just wanted a paycheck…The emphasis for this generation (millennials) has switched from paycheck to purpose.”

I could debunk the negativity towards our generation for many more paragraphs, but as a millennial, my interest is dwindling.

I’m just kidding. I really do love flipping all of the ill will towards our generation on its head. And I’d love for the generations ahead of us to at least give it a shot, as well. The millennials are here to stay. We now outnumber baby boomers as the largest generation in America, and we are dominating the workforce. It’s not time to preach at us about how to change to your way. It’s time to embrace that we are creative, driven and ready to change the world. We just hope you’re ready for the world to change, too. [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/4″][vc_single_image image=”239″][/vc_column][vc_column width=”3/4″][vc_column_text]Taylor Snodgrass is the Associate Programming Director at Cross Point Church in Nashville, TN, where he lives with his wife, Heather. He is passionate about leading others to excellence in the church and in their everyday lives.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]