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Join Jenni as she interviews leaders from all walks of life and helps you find the clarity for a better tomorrow.

JCLP EP. 44–Leadership Legends: An Interview with Dan Reiland

True marks of humility include staying teachable and being willing to impart what you’ve learned to others. Our guest...

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JCLP EP. 43–Brave Leadership: An Interview with Dr. Sasha Shillcutt

It’s undeniable that leadership can be isolating. And the steps we must take to reach the balance of both...

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JCLP EP. 42–Leading with a Long View: An Interview with Lifepoint College Students

There’s nothing like the passion of a younger generation to rekindle our desire to lead well for the long...

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JCLP EP. 41–How to Create a Culture Guide: An Interview with Jennifer Martin

It really is too bad that those we lead aren’t mind readers, isn’t it? If they were, then they...

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JCLP EP. 40–Ways to Infuse Culture: An Interview with Ashley Warren

Building an extraordinary team culture is NOT a one-and-done task. It requires consistent, intentional care. In an imminently practical...

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JCLP EP. 39–3 Mindsets You Must Embrace to Make Culture Work

As leaders, there are times we have to think differently to lead better. There are some mindsets that we...

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JCLP EP. 38–Create the Culture You Want

As a leader, you likely have a vision for the kind of culture you want to create on your...

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JCLP EP. 37–We Can’t Ignore the Culture Conversation

Everywhere you turn, the culture conversation seems to pop up. How do you attract great employees, enhance engagement, achieve...

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JCLP EP. 36 Change Your Mind–Resist the Resistance

Many of us are resistant to change. It can be really difficult. AND it can be the pivotal moment...

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