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Join Jenni as she interviews leaders from all walks of life and helps you find the clarity for a better tomorrow.

JCLP EP. 50–How to Align Your Team: An Interview with Jerry Hurley

We all know it’s true…a team that’s aligned around shared vision and values makes progress and achieves their goals....

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JCLP EP. 49–Leading with Realistic Hope: An Interview with Joshua Gagnon

When facing challenge, crisis and chaos, it’s a great responsibility for us as leaders to move forward in a...

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JCLP EP. 48–Become a Vision-Driven Leader-An Interview with Michael Hyatt

“A leader without a vision is really not a leader,” Michael Hyatt tells our host Jenni Catron in this...

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JCLP EP. 47–When Crisis Hits–An Interview with Ashley Eicher

We say it here all the time: “You need foresight for success.” The leader’s ability to forecast and anticipate,...

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JCLP EP. 46–Leading in Chaos

The dictionary definition of chaos is “complete disorder and confusion.” Isn’t that what life feels like sometimes? Things don’t...

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JCLP EP. 44–How to Own the Power of Vision

As leaders, we love vision–seeing clearly in our minds a picture of the peak we want to summit, the...

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JCLP EP. 44–Leadership Legends: An Interview with Dan Reiland

True marks of humility include staying teachable and being willing to impart what you’ve learned to others. Our guest...

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JCLP EP. 43–Brave Leadership: An Interview with Dr. Sasha Shillcutt

It’s undeniable that leadership can be isolating. And the steps we must take to reach the balance of both...

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JCLP EP. 42–Leading with a Long View: An Interview with Lifepoint College Students

There’s nothing like the passion of a younger generation to rekindle our desire to lead well for the long...

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