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Join Jenni as she interviews leaders from all walks of life and helps you find the clarity for a better tomorrow.

JCLP EP. 33 Change Your Mind–An Interview with Lindsey Epperly Sulek

There are certain critical moments that we, as leaders, have a chance to change our minds–to think differently in...

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JCLP Ep. 32 What Getting Pneumonia and Seeing the Mr. Rogers Movie Taught Me About Self-Leadership

Nobody likes to be faced with their own limitations. Particularly hard-working, self-starting leaders like you. So what do we...

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JCLP Ep. 31 4 Ways to Lead Yourself

We all want to achieve success. And there are markers and indicators that will help us to do just...

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JCLP Ep. 30 The Key to Leading Yourself

We all want to lead our teams well, to make a difference and to be successful in our endeavors....

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JCLP Ep. 29 On Strategy–3 Questions to Ask to Create a Successful Strategy

We all have a vision for where we want to go, but making a plan for how to get...


JCLP Ep. 28 On Strategy–Featuring Tim Lucas

Knowing those you lead, those you’re trying to reach and the cultural currents that affect them is crucial to...


Episode 27: On Strategy–How Purpose is Foundational in Everything You Do

As leaders, we all want to see those we lead come together to accomplish a BIG mission. But we...


JCLP On Strategy–Featuring Jeff Henderson

As we kick off this month’s series on Strategy, Jenni Catron sits down with Jeff Henderson for a candid,...


Jenni Catron on Building an Extraordinary Team Culture

Highlights from Jenni’s teaching: Be patient. Building or rebuilding culture takes time. 4 Things to Do to Build an...


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