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REPLAY: Can Your Foundation Support What You’re Building?

For the last podcast of the year, we want to revisit and replay a previous episode that’s perhaps more pertinent and helpful now than when we first published it. Stepping into a new year, particularly after all the year 2020 held, provides a prime opportunity to recenter ourselves and our teams around what matters most.
As leaders, we all want to see those we lead come together to accomplish a big mission. But we can, at times, get bogged down and become overwhelmed with the HOW. That’s where adopting an effective strategy comes into play. Before we can enact that strategy, though, we must root it in a stable foundation: purpose. The question we all face is this: How do we lay a purposeful, strategic foundation? 

As a certified strategist and a passionate student of applying strategic plans in varying contexts, Jenni teaches us how to build a strategy that stays aligned with our vision by discovering the foundational purpose that serves as the firm footing for everything we do.

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