The Bridge Visionary Leaders Need

Often we as leaders don’t realize the frustration we cause when we pitch extraordinary ideas and outrageous goals to our teams. Time and time again as I work with executive leaders and their organizations I discover an enormous chasm that exists between a leader’s ideas and the reality of execution for the team.

Keep Yourself Tethered to Reality

Remember, not everyone may be on board with your grand ideas. As leaders, we may think our big ideas are great because we birthed them. But while you’re pushing through those ideas, you could be driving your team to burnout. What might be a natural overflow of work for you could be grueling and resentment-producing work for your team. They aren’t prepared to put in the long hours and the sacrifice it takes. As leaders, we must keep ourselves tethered to reality.

Become a Vision Caster

I’ve discovered that most ideas are possible. A big part of our job as leaders is to be vision casters. But casting vision is not enough. We have to help connect the dots and create a pathway that our teams can see. Visionary leaders understand how to be a bridge from reality to the possibility. You have to slow down to bring them with you, and perhaps, let them shape the vision too.

In the meantime, keep dreaming of the possibilities and maintain hope for a better future and more significant outcomes.


            Jenni Catron is the Founder and CEO of The 4Sight Group.  Her passion is to equip and        

            inspire leaders to lead from their extraordinary best!