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Values that Just Became Essential for EVERY Team

Values are the guiding principles that tether your team together.

One of our favorite aspects of coaching and consulting with leaders about building extraordinary team cultures is that of crafting values that provide teams with “rules of engagement” for how they accomplish their vision and goals TOGETHER. It’s an exercise that provides great clarity and confidence for them.

When navigating crisis situations such as the one thrust upon all of us with the impact of COVID-19, there are some overarching values that move to the forefront. When we teach these values, encourage them in our team, and affirm them when we see them in action, the team becomes poised to move forward with excellence and efficiency…and with as little relational shrapnel as possible.

Today, we want to share with you the three values we believe must rise to the top in crisis.

3 Values to Move to the Top of the List


Because we’ve not experienced a situation quite like the current global pandemic, the reality is that no one–not even the leader with the clearest vision for the organization–knows exactly how the next few weeks and months will pan out. Does that mean that we press pause and allow ourselves to become paralyzed? Absolutely not! Instead, it means that we plan more short-term than we’d probably prefer to, forecast a little further out than we’re planning, and then hold ALL of our plans and forecasts with open hands. Flexibility is KEY. If we find out information tomorrow that necessitates a pivot in our plans, we must humbly remain flexible in order to quickly respond to the needs and realities that exist.


Resilience is the “bounce back” effect. It’s the ability to face a setback with the outlook that the situation WON’T last forever and it CAN be improved. You can encourage your team to build resilience first by modeling it. When your team sees you face a frustrating situation or failure and get back up from it, they will internalize that they can do the same. It diminishes the fear of failure. It’s rooted in the grace we must give ourselves and each other to be a little clumsy in the unknowns, but that clumsiness will NOT keep us from getting back up and moving forward. It sets a tone of hope and optimism, while refusing to deny that the reality is challenging.


Difficult seasons can cause us to become reactive, to simply wait to determine the course of action rather than anticipating and acting with purpose. In the current climate, the better value in which to anchor behavior is to be proactive. To ask, “What value CAN I add?” And then work toward that with tenacity. 

What We’re NOT Saying…

There’s no reason to abandon your existing team values. Your existing values and vision as an organization outline your purpose and give the guardrails of where your energy should be focused. Simply call yourself and your team to elevate the values of flexibility, resilience and proactivity TOWARD that existing purpose. They will enable you to move fast, serve well, and remain a healthy team.

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