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When Success is a Moving Target: An Interview with Jamie Ivey

Have you ever felt like success is a moving target? You have vision for your life, you set goals and work diligently toward them, but ultimately, it seems that everyone else is getting ahead while the results you’re hoping for elude you. Listen in as author, speaker and well-known podcast host Jamie Ivey shares with Jenni Catron how to adjust your mindset and find peace and satisfaction even when your idea of success isn’t happening as fast as you’d hoped.

In this episode, you’ll learn…

  • Whether or not success and godliness are mutually exclusive
  • The difference between success and faithfulness
  • How to use the level of influence that God has uniquely given you
  • How to find opportunities in adversity

About Jamie:

Jamie Ivey is creator and host of the popular podcast, “The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey,” a central gathering place for talking about life and Jesus. Jamie told the raw, redemptive story that brought her to this place in her debut book, “If You Only Knew.” Now she’s telling the story that keeps her going and frames her God-empowering message to women today. Jamie and her husband, Aaron, make their home for six, plus guests—come anytime!—in Austin, Texas.

Connect with Jamie:

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